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Mini cactus on my rack


A creepy/cute kid's head plant pot

Instant love when I saw this skyreacher

My much loved Monstera Deliciosa

My much loved Monstera Deliciosa

Another Monstera shot

I love this Monstera

My desk Pika (Coffea) plant

Desk Spider plant in a previously candle coffee mug

A very stubborn airplant

Wide shot of my Calathea on my desk

Calathea made room for this funky plant that looks like a sword

Monkey candle holder next to a Medusa airplant

Zebra head next to a spider plant

Close up of my flamingo frame next to the spider plant

Biggest jungle of em' all

In love with the pattern on this one

Little Leopard Head Pot

My Dracaena, airplant & newest addition hanging plant

This one hangs